Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brown's Bay - Penneshaw.

Distance cycled: 20km
We began today with a relaxing long beach walk, and noticed that our seal friend had returned. A fisherman had come down to the beach too and told us that there was a school of salmon running - hmmm, probably what the seal was there for! Well, the fisherman was very successful - in less than an hour he had caught 8 salmon!!
We had a quick chat with him on our way out of the campground and he showed us his impressive haul, he even offered us one (so kind!), but as much as I would have loved to take it we were planning to cycle via Cape Willoughby to Antechamber bay and it probably would have spoiled on the way there...
We planned to take 'East West Road' to Cape Willoughby and stay for the night at Antechamber bay campground, but after the first 1km along the road it was apparent this wasn't going to work! Sadly the road was a sandpit, so we were really struggling and the idea of 25km of deep sand didn't appeal to either of us!
So, plan 2: We would cycle instead to Penneshaw, and then continue from Penneshaw to Cape Willoughby. The road to Penneshaw was reasonably hilly, and both of us were feeling unusually fatigued so in the end we planned to spend today in Penneshaw and cycle a return trip to the cape tomorrow sans panniers.
Well, we had a wonderful little rest day! We set up camp at 'KI Shores campground', bought the Sunday paper, a few snacks and spent the whole afternoon siting in the sun chatting and reading the paper :). Ahhh, lovely!

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