Thursday, October 14, 2010

Parndana to Brown's Bay via Flour Cask Bay...

Distance cycled:85km.

So today we planned to cycle from Parndana to Flour Cask Bay and camp at 'Flour Cask Bay Sanctuary'. The wind from yesterday had completely eased so we set off enjoying the serene stillness and distinct lack of traffic. The first 35km were mostly flat, then the road resumed its usually rolling route with a few good hills that we have enjoyed through most of the trip around KI.
We arrived at Flour cask bay quite early (must have been powering along!), which was just as well because they were not yet open for the summer season. We talked to the owner and he recommended that we carry on to Brown's Bay and camp the night there instead, so after kindly allowing us to fill our water bottles he waved us off.
The cycle from Flour cask bay around to Browns bay was back-tracking along the route we had taken our first day on the island and it didn;t take us long to arrive at the Brown's Bay campground.
Again we were to only people using the campground. Although it was quite close to the road we found it very quiet as traffic is almost non-existent during the night.
One word to describe this campground: Gorgeous!! We were so happy to have arrived in the early-mid afternoon so we could take full advantage of the amazing beach! We lazed in the sun and walked along the lovely long beach and were entertained by a lone seal splashing about.... so relaxing!

Brown's Bay campground cost $5 per person.
Facilities: Gas BBQ, undercover seating area, toilets, sheltered camping and the wonderful beach!

The road was completely sealed except for the road down to Flour Cask Bay, although this was firmly packed, with only a little loose gravel.

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