Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flinders Chase NP to Parndana

Distance cycled: 70km.

Todays cycle was almost completely flat - only a few slight undulations. Unfortunately the first 25kms was into a fierce side/headwind, but then fortunately at the end of the road we turned 90 degrees and that side/headwind became a lovely tailwind :). Thanks to the tailwind it didn't take long to arrive in Parndana.
We verified at the pub that they offer free camping (they do and you can have a shower for $5), and we set up our ten behind the pub for the night. Clean public toilets were available inside the town hall beside the pub.
After getting ourselves set-up we cycled out to the Wildlife park we had seen on our way in, just to the west of town. It was a nice local family run operation, and a fun way to pass the afternoon.
We found Parnana to be a wonderful place to stay - the local IGA had very reasonable prices, so we stocked up on fruit and a few other bits and pieces, and everyone we met was extremely friendly and quite interested in our cycling adventure.
After a restful afternoon, we headed over to the pub to spend our evening with a few drinks and a great meal. One of the best thing about the meals is the self-service vegetable and salad bars, just what is appreciated after a day cycling!
During the course of the night we were woken by a large male Koala making a horrendous noise right outside the tent! We made a bit of noise of our own, and he wasn't heard from for the rest of the night.. later we found he was probably the 'local resident Koala, Harry' - sorry Harry!

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