Monday, October 11, 2010

Vivvonne Bay to Flinders Chase NP

Distance cycled: 43km.

So today we made a late start because we knew we didn't have far to travel. After 43 mostly flat kms we arrived at Flinders Chase National Park around midday.
On the way to Flinders Chase NP, we called in Kelly Hill Conservation park. We locked our bikes and went on one of the trail walks around the main cave area. Due to us both being "caved out" from various other caving adventures we both opted not to pay for a tour of the caves and just enjoyed the bush walk instead.
We also called into the 'Western KI caravan park' for some BBQ supplies (bread, onion etc..). This would have been a great place to stay - very well equipped and friendly staff, but we were wanting to stay within the national park so carried on to the Rocky River campground.
We had a fantasitic lunch at the visitor centre, which is handily located right behind the camp ground, and went for a walk along the nearby 'platypus bushwalk'. During the walk we saw LOTS of the migratory geese that seemed to have invaded the park, several Tamar wallabies (one with baby in the pouch) and even a little echidna! We were both pretty stoked to see the echidna especially, having never seen one in the wild before. At first he was frightened and scrunched up into a little ball of spines, but after a few minutes of waiting he relaxed and then scuttled along and into a little burrow. Neat.

Campground facilities: Gas BBQ, numerous food prep shelters, very nice modern toilets and shower block, lighting and sheltered camping areas. Highly recommended!

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