Thursday, October 14, 2010

Flinders Chase National Park

Distance cycled: 35km.

So today was spent first cycling from Rocky River campground out to Cape de Couedic and the Remarkable Rocks, and back to camp again, then doing a few more bush walks.
It was a lovely rolling up-and-down ride, all fully paved, and we both enjoyed the freedom of being pannier-free for a nice change! Cycling through Flinders Chase National Park was a wonderful way to see the natural beauty of the park and a lot of the fauna too as we were zooming along the roads before many cars had a chance to get in first and frighten everything away. We saw several groups of Kangaroo and Walabies on our way out to the cape.
Once at Cape de Couedic we checked out the old lighthouse and walked down one of the walkways to see the NZ fur seals basking on the rocks below. Unfortunately on the way down to the lookout to see the fur seals we came accross a cranky black snake - needless to say we made a careful retreat as he remained poised in ready-to-strike pose!!
So after seeing the fur seals, the lighthouse and our brush with death (A little dramatic, I know..), we called in to see the Remarkable Rocks. They are bizzarely shaped rocks formed from volcanic activity perched on one of the may outcrops along the coast. We had a good stop over checking them out and walking all around them before cycling back to the campground in the early afternoon.
So a really good day today, some satisfying cycling, saw a few of the KI "must sees", and got a bit of adrenaline pumping courtosy of our snake friend!

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