Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day in Penneshaw.

Initially we planned to cycle out to Cape Willoughby today, but we awoke to rain and both decided that we weren't feeling motivated to head out into the bad weather today... By 10:30am the rain had completely cleared and we could have happily done the ride, but we had already set our minds to not heading out to the cape, so we spent the day exploring Penneshaw. We did the Bullock Track around Baudin park, spent a few hours relaxing and walking on the beach, we watched the ferries come and go, saw a whale cruising past (!) and generally had a completely relaxing day together just enjoying being on holiday :).

We both felt a little sad that we were due to depart on the 08:30 ferry tomorrow morning, but really happy that we had come to Kangaroo Island. It had been a very easy little cycle tour, with short days in the saddle and a lot of free time each afternoon to enjoy the new places in which we arrived each day. We both felt that by cycling we saw a lot more than most who were whizzing by in their cars - we happened accross the wildlife who didn't hear us coming, we heard the frogs croaking in all the waterholes along the roadside, and we stayed and enjoyed the small places that others merely zip past on their way to the 'main attractions'.
The trip was easy to plan and organise. Kangaroo Island has plenty of campsites and other accomodation within easy distances for even the most relaxed pace cyclists to not feel pushed, and we found plenty to do each day no matter where we were on the island.

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